© 2020 La Belle Vie Bakery, Arizona

About the Bakery

We are at this point what I call a Bakery Project. A very small operation run with passion and with the most rudimental tools under the AZDHS Home Baked and Confectionery Goods Program and we meet our public every week on Saturdays on beautiful Gilbert Farmers Market (Arizona).


Want a feel of vacation? Come to Gilbert Farmers Market on Saturday Mornings, we love it and that's why we are there !


That’s how we start (no Store Front for the foreseeable future) and we’ll see where it brings us from there. We have lots of ideas and there is so much we’d like to do or people we’d like to work with, but let’s take one step at the time and be open to every opportunity in due time.


My name is Nathael or Nathas (H is silent like in Django), I am French and Swiss, and I selfishly and compulsively bake what I miss the most from my countries. And with the snap of of one bite, I am back there in France or Switzerland or whichever destination I have visited and loved and feel like going back. Teleportation through the lens of taste, that’s as simple as that ; )


I say selfishly because I don’t bake what is trendy or in fashion (although you can never go wrong with a good croissant or a good pain au chocolat) but I bake what I love, what I miss or whatever I find interesting and would like to try.


That’s what we want to share with the public… with authenticity, passion and without compromising too much (we could say that we are as free as the boundaries of the many regulations we navigate through and comply with are, which sometimes eliminate great ideas unfortunately).


So a selfish Bakery Project but definitely a project that is all about sharing. Sharing what we love, what we have back there and that I find very unfair not having here, sharing discoveries I make when for example I visit a tiny Flour Mill in Queen Creek and discover an amazing local flour, that some bakers in France would probably die to have, sharing La Belle Vie aka The Good Life !


And when it’s good, it’s good, whether you have French, Swiss, American or any other taste buds installed in your pallet, so that's why I am not too concerned about the trends… 


No fancy or beautiful pastries here, some can even look like not much or very simple, but give it a shot, they might give you a good kick and a taste of a wishful comeback as you walk away from our stand... try them all ; )


I am not saying we achieve the "wishful comeback taste" all the time, but that’s what we aim for and we are just starting, so bear with us and we will achieve this more and more as we improve our craft, our processes week after week.


And between us, it’s was so unfair not being able to dip a nice slice of baguette with butter and jam in my hot chocolate or have one around to pair with my cheese … I just could not live without it !!!


Hope to see you soon at our stand, contact us if you’d like to have us at one of your event or if you’d like to represent some of our products. At this point we can’t do much more than what we are already doing but it will come...  so let us know, it's music for the future ; )